Youth Filmmakers Camp Atlanta

    The Youth Filmmakers Camp Atlanta is a comprehensive 5 day workshop for teens between the ages of 13 and 18.  Participants will discover the fundamentals of Digital Film Production from concept and scriptwriting to DVD authoring and uploading to Youtube!   Allow your young person to learn the skills needed to put their visions on the screen from a professional videographer and filmmaker.   Workshops begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m.  Catered lunches are included in the program.

    Students will produce a 5 - 10 minute short film for which they learn industry standard techniques in all aspects of pre-poduction, production and post-production.  Each will be assigned one or more of the following responsibilities:  

Writer    Director   Producer   Actor   Script Supervisor   Lighting    Boom Operator     Audio Mixer  Cameraman   Dir. of Photography

  DAY ONE: PRE-PRODUCTION             Overview of the Filmmaking Process        Introduction to Filmmaking Terminology and Equipment

                                                                  Location Scouting                                     Pitching Concepts and Treatment Development           

  DAY TWO: PRE-PRODUCTION             Finalizing script                    Appointment of Cast and Filmcrew       Costume Design

                                                                  Introduction to Lighting        Introduction to Camera                          Introduction to Audio Engineering

  DAY THREE:  PRODUCTION                  Lights,  Cameras,  Action!    Lighting Interior Shots                  Lighting Exterior Shots

                                                                  Directing Actors                    Basic Acting Methods                   Script Supervising

  DAY FOUR:  POST-PRODUCTION        Finalizing Production             Introduction to Final Cut Pro Editing Software            

                                                                  Previewing Footage               Capturing Footage

  DAY FIVE: POST-PRODUCTION           Making a Rough Cut             Editing Film in a Timeline             Mixing Audio & Music

                                                                  Screening the Final Cut        Uploading Movie to Youtube         Authoring Personalized DVDs                                                                             


SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  $100 for participants who are paid for and registered by July 22, 2011.         

Camp will be held at         MMX Production Suite, located at 777 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 210.            

                                                                 Click here for map and directions.


CAMP DATES:      Week 5:  July 25-29 (6 spaces)    Week 6:  August 1-5  (6 spaces)                                                 


 For More Info and Registration Packets:

  I have been working with Mike the past 3 years.  I run a sports broadcasting camp for kids and Mike has done all of our Videography, Editing, and DVD Authoring, among other things.  I am amazed at how organized Mike is.  We have over 60 kids and 3 different stations for Mike to run, and he always gets everything finished on time.  Mike is very professional and a stand up guy.  I would recommend Mike anytime.  Feel free to contact me at 215.735.3550 or via email at

- Steve Goldstein  Owner, Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camps