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  I have been working with Mike the past 3 years.  I run a sports broadcasting camp for kids and Mike has done all of our Videography, Editing, and DVD Authoring, among other things.  I am amazed at how organized Mike is.  We have over 60 kids and 3 different stations for Mike to run, and he always gets everything finished on time.  Mike is very professional and a stand up guy.  I would recommend Mike anytime.  Feel free to contact me at 215.735.3550 or via email at

- Steve Goldstein  Owner, Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camps

  Although I have played with some video 'editing tools', I have always wanted to edit like a pro. This came into reality when a friend introduced me to Mike. Mike taught me not only to edit with Final Cut Pro, but in just two weeks, he taught me how to edit like a pro. From the basics of capturing to the most important ethics and cool shortcuts. Mike is straight to the point, disciplined and educated. From the computer literate to the novice, Mike is calm and patient. I will recommend this class for anyone who is serious about learning how to edit and using the Final Cut Pro software.

- Andrew Owolabi     

Mike is a very good instructor and educator.  He possesses skills that only describe him as genius! His patience and attitude is conducive for beginners.  Mike makes you feel confident when using Final Cut Pro.  His hands-on studio learning is the best we've ever encountered, and I mean the best!  Also the best price for your money!

- Calvin  Symonds, Jr. 

 We want to thank you for all the training you gave to our son

 and the work you helped him with on his video.  Your one

 on one training process is very thorough and he admitted

 that he learned more from you in four days than he did

 working at the station his entire freshman year.  The

 knowledge you have shared with him will enable him to 

edit his work himself and hopefully improve his creativity

 because he's more confident in using the software. He's

 aware of the special effects he can incorporate in his work

 and the more he uses the software the more efficient he'll

 become. He's actually excited about all the possibilities.

We were both impressed with your knowledge and the way

 your teaching method came across so effortlessly.  We will

 happily recommend you to others that can benefit from your


Thank you again for sharing your gift and your talents.

Jerome and Belinda Walker

I am a customer that learned of Mike’s course from Craigslist.  I was not sure what kind of teaching I would get since craigslist produces great and bad services.  I had no prior experience with video editing at all.  This was a priceless top notch service!

Mike’s course is an intensive final cut course designed for teaching beginners how to learn to edit video on their own.   It works!  Two of his teaching styles stand out as being very helpful and are major reasons I plan on returning for my 3rd course.   First, an outline diagram to the lesson plan.  I mean he gives you a printout of a book, along with original worksheets focusing on shortcuts for you to follow and keep as he teaches you; and you work hands-on the computer to prove you are comprehending.  Simply put, as an Apple certified editor he teaches as a professor would in a classroom setting.     

The second thing I was impressed with was the fact that the days for learning are chronological and not one day here and one day next week.

By the time the first level class was over , I edited a complete 30 second promo and copied it to dvd.  I have been able to continue using the skills I learned to edit new video at my home all due to Mike.  Thanks Mike.

- Anwar Williams