Final Cut Pro Classes

MMX MULTIMEDIA is now the official Final Cut Pro training center for PEOPLE TV, INC., Atlanta's public access center!  We are pleased to be once again linked to People TV to help people in the community learn the skills necessary to achieve their goals and realize their dreams in video and film production!  Completing level one earns your certification as a People TV Final Cut Pro editor!


  • Save and Organize your project and media properly  
  • Learn shortcut techniques and industry terminology
  • Import, Capture, and Transfer footage into your project to edit
  • Learn simple and advanced ways to edit footage onto the timeline
  • Add special video filters and modify clip speeds
  • Manipulate audio and add music to your project
  • Add transitions and effects to your project
  • Create and personalize various types of text objects
  • Exporting various file types for websites and Youtube
  • Basic DVD menu authoring and burning 

Our unique classes are comprehensive and limited to two students to maximize your learning potential.  You are provided with hardcopy materials to help you learn the interface, techniques, lingo and shortcuts.  

We offer Final Cut Pro training for all levels!  Whether you are a beginner, novice, or user who would like to expand your skills and knowledge of the FCP interface, this class is for you!   This class is taught by an Apple Certified instructor with over 8 years experience teaching Final Cut Pro.  Over 300 satisfied students, many of whom are professionally editing video using Final Cut Pro.

Learn in a fun, encouraging, professional atmosphere!  You will complete the level 1 class with everything you need to know to edit your project! Level 2 and 3 classes will sharpen your skills and make you a pro.  Fun & acquired skills guaranteed!  


SPECIAL PRICE $150 FOR EACH LEVEL 1 & 2, $175 FOR EACH LEVEL 3 & 4 (4 class sessions each).  There is no better deal offered online!  Beware of "boot camps" and "seminars" that proclaim that you can learn Final Cut Pro in 2 days.  After the first session with us, you will understand that it is impossible to learn and retain so much information.  We train you in levels and sessions so the software and techniques make sense as your understanding grows.  The other guys teach large groups and will not wait for you to grasp information.  We pride ourselves on having classes of no more than 2 students, and we are happy to wait on you to take notes and understand what you are learning.

Each level builds on the techniques and keyboard shortcuts learned in the previous levels, so you can sharpen your skills and understanding at your own pace.

ALL LEVELS ARE PREPARATION FOR APPLE CERTIFICATION!  Following completion of level 4, a comprehensive workshop is offered to review all information learned in the classes that appear on the Final Cut Pro certification test.

ONE-ON-ONE TUTORIALS AND EDITING ASSISTANCE:  $50 for 2 hours, $100 for 5 hours.  Learn the software more in-depth while getting that project done that you need to complete!

INSTRUCTOR WILL TRAVEL TO TRAIN MULTIPLE STAFF!!  Save money by letting us come to you and train everyone in your video and/or editing department.  It helps for everyone to be on the same page in the editing workflow.  It is always a good idea for your shooters to take the editing class, this helps them understand what is necessary in the editing process, thereby improving your video!



9:30am-11:30am,12pm-2pm, 2:30-4:30pm, 5-7pm, or 7:30-9:30pm

Choose the session that is most convenient for you!

(Session Levels vary dependant on enrollment)